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Submitted by
Christian Higgins
almost 5 years ago

Add a pair of<?php ?> tags in line 9.

Hung up on the wording of this:

Does mean it should look like <?php ?> <?php ?>

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    // The code below creates the class
    class Person {


    //Create two instances
    $teacher = new Person();
    $student = new Person();

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Submitted by
Tobias Páez
almost 4 years ago

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072562cc075b68a34adfe85671859b47?s=140&d=retro lmn about 3 years ago

?> - forgot at the end

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of course it doesn't. :-)
Would you mind to suggest a better wording?

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almost 5 years ago


Picture Christian Higgins almost 5 years ago

I would say just drop the "a pair" part so there's no confusion. If I'm playing poker and I say I have "a pair of nines," it means I have two nines. I wouldn't say I have "a pair of nine and five."

6e9943ca2933a1caf281e06d71762eca?s=140&d=retro Adamace over 4 years ago

no it should like this as simple instruction and syntax <?php ?>

9096a08895071916a6a6ea7e52819020?s=140&d=retro Peter A Edwards almost 4 years ago

I agree with Christian Higgins on this.

543fc82f631fe988640020d7_382532424 Tobias Páez almost 4 years ago

The right code is beneath, check it out: