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r mora
almost 5 years ago


Firefox is the only browser I've ever used, till it failed me on this exercise and a few more ahead. So I decided to bite the bullet and try alternatives. IE was a nightmare. But Chrome was the answer! Appearance-wise, it's practically identical to Firefox but, more importantly, it got me past the "Oops!" troll on this exercise. (My code is the same as everyone else's on this forum question, by the way.)

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For the most part I use Firefox at Codecademy but every now and then I need to log in with Chrome in order to move forward. Chrome rocks but old habits are hard to change. As for JavaScript testing I use Chrome's console and have moved away from Firefox firebug. It seems to work better for me.

However, as web developers, we should create the habit of using ALL browsers interchangeably, since we are creating code for other users that may prefer other browsers, and testing needs to be done.

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tony de araujo
almost 5 years ago

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3b1cba7951f28d341633266c64c550eb?s=140&d=retro r mora almost 5 years ago

You make some good points. "Web developer" is what I aspire to be eventually but "student" is my present status. As such, I still have the luxury of indulging old habits, while dabbling in new ones like Chrome. I plan to take more JavaScript courses and start building a game in JavaScript, so your advice on JS testing may come in handy. Thanks.