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Nian Bao Zou
almost 5 years ago

1.2 Array Syntaxs - Answer

my code:

Woot, More Arrays!

$items = array("Chips", "Sausage","kk","one","two" );

$array = array("Egg", "Tomato", "Beans" );


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It's correct :)

    <title>Woot, More Arrays!</title>
        // Add your array elements after
        // "Beans" and before the final ")"
        $array = array("Egg", "Tomato", "Chips", "Sausage", "Beans" );        

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ByJacob Button
over 4 years ago

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If I read the instructions correctly, it's asking you to add "3" items to the array they have created. That would mean that instead of creating a whole new array, like you did, you just have to add 3 new elements to the array that has been created for you.

That should solve your problem.

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almost 5 years ago

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55347c0151b88714730006df_867028172 Gabriel Tseng over 4 years ago

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Ok,which error do you have?You wrote 2 lines of array code,but you didn't say which type of error,do you have?

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Roman Ina
almost 5 years ago

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521a27a4548c357f16002d93_429916944 Nian Bao Zou almost 5 years ago