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Milos Vranic
over 4 years ago

Is there any difference between ' ' and " "?

As far as I can see its all the same when i am writing or am I mistaking?

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What Milos meant was, " I know it has a difference, I just don't know what".

You will use " " when you are using strings (text) and you do not want the text between the " " to be taken literal.

When you use ' ' you are telling php to take whatever you put between the ' ' literally (like a location to a file on your server)

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over 4 years ago

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basically within single quotes php will display it exactly as it is typed.
echo 'my name is $name'; will print

my name is $name

but if you put it in double quotes php will evaluate the variable and display the value:
echo "My name is $name";


My name is Bret

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Submitted by
Bret Wagner
over 2 years ago

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There is huge difference google it

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over 4 years ago


3eec9e54bd3f1602589d3416889bcf36?s=140&d=retro Milos Vranic over 4 years ago

if you could explain it to me instead of being rude?

52598d50abf821b816004d5c_303815619 Ndrom over 4 years ago

im sorry, im new php to but i know there is huge difference