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Axel Everarts de Velp
over 4 years ago

What Callback URL to put in my "create a twitter application" form?


Sorry to post this stupid question but in order to do the exercise, we have to create a "fake" twitter application and in the form, they need you to indicate a Callback URL. They say that if you want to restrict your application from callback you just need to let the field blanck, but when I do, the form says that the "URL is invalid"....
I don't know what to put there...

Please someone, can you help me with this?

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I'actually have the same problem. Which URL should I put if I don't already have one?


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over 4 years ago

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I leave it blank and it worked, for the url of the appi i create some fake url in

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Bruno Centeno Perez
over 4 years ago