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over 4 years ago

What goes wrong please?

Here is my code :

// Write your for loop below!
for ($i=50; $i>=5; $i-=5) {
echo $i;

Here is the codecademy message :

Oops, try again! Did you set the second part of your loop correctly (the part that ends the loop)? Don't forget your semicolon!

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change it to
for ($i=50; $i>=5; $i= $i -5)

reload the page and make the changes so it doesnt hang

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52b390db8c1ccc5db8000759_940907111 TheInvisabru over 4 years ago

Or it can be
for ($i=50; $1>1; $1= $i-5)

Just a variation for you. And it worked for me.