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Submitted by
Rich Girou
over 4 years ago

TRY again

<img src ="http://LocalHost\C:\Users\Rich\Pictures\molly quinn"/>   

<a href="\"><img src="codeacademy\my-blog\assetsf3a16fb6.jpg" /></a>

Sorry! The paste is not showing

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hi Rich,

Every time you see <a img src = you know it is going to be an image.
An image is a file that ends in .jpg or .gif or . png or .tiff.
Very rarely you will see an image that does not end with one of these extensions.


Every time you see a <a href=" you know it's going to be a link.

Looking at your code above I see a problem with the first image. It does not end with one of the file extensions I just mentioned.
Also, it is a path from a local computer and that will not work on the Internet.

You can use this image for testing purposes:

If you still have problem please paste the whole code and the lesson number as well as the exact error message. Thanks


p.s. You slashes on the second image with a link are reversed. On the Internet they should be forward instead of backward.

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Submitted by
tony de araujo
over 4 years ago