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almost 4 years ago

where is the fault

<!DOCTYPE html>

            Headings & Paragraphs



tip told me'Make sure you write something between each set of p tags!'

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Hello, please you use </p> (lower case letters) instead of </P>

Is the problem solved?

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Gabriel La Rotta
almost 4 years ago


Picture Philip Joesph over 3 years ago

That did not solve the problem

52def2869c4e9d5f55000716_359294020 Gabriel La Rotta over 3 years ago

@Philip, exactly, what code did you use?

Picture Philip Joesph over 3 years ago

I figured it out.....strangely enough...
I did this one week before and it did not work
but someone suggested clearing the cache on CA's editor by clicking
Reset code. It worked this time and I finished Web fundamentals just now :D