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almost 4 years ago

[resolved] 5/7 I am confused about the result, it only flips one and the result is tail

As the condition said that the coin will flip until the result is H or head then how come the result come as T or tail and stop flipping the coin and says "There was one flip". Any body found this? Can someone clear me?Thanks.

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The condition says: "while the result is heads" not "until the result is heads". So it will keep flipping as long as rand(0,1) produces a 1 (a head). As soon as you get a 0 (a tail) it echos that and then it stops.

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521e65b39a7b1858905848aff1689ebc?s=140&d=retro junayed almost 4 years ago

ok, thank you for the answer. Now it is clear.

55df2afa95e3787b9200005e_359368177 Judy almost 4 years ago

You're welcome, I'm glad it helped.

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i still don't understand this. It is a bit confusing how the developers are teaching this. Why not just say completely stop at tails, when the FIRST tails appears, regardless of heads showing or not?

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over 3 years ago