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Submitted by
Marat Zabelinskiy
over 4 years ago

Can pass this lesson with a missing end tag

The lesson works with the following syntax
<img src="".

There is no end tag, I believe correct syntax is
<img src="">

Please correct me if I am wrong.

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this is the correct one:<img src="" />

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Submitted by
Tobias Páez
over 3 years ago

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Its best practice to close tags. Sometimes not closing tags can cause unintended results to occur or pages to not display at all.

Saying that html, as opposed to some other languages, is lenient with sometimes tags not being properly closed and your content will still display as intended.

with image tags there should be a closing slash before the closing tag e.g

<img src="" />

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Submitted by
Guy Stapleton
over 4 years ago

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99f8df08f79cf421f1aee0b2f5825d3a?s=140&d=retro Marat Zabelinskiy over 4 years ago

Thanks for that info. What I meant to communicate is that this is a problem - there should be a warning that the code is not correct but there isn't.