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Thomas Glazier
over 4 years ago

The font doesn't become the proper colour

Hi there

I followed the instructions and managed for it to keep giving me an error. I checked the model answer and it was the exact same. However the colours didn't match. I only passed the exercise by copy and pasting the example answer. (the position of the text was exactly the same.)


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Um sorry I don't understand?

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over 4 years ago


Picture Elijah Warren Anders over 4 years ago

In the 6th module of "About You," when I am trying to enter the CSS between the style tags, h1 does not become purple, text-align does not become red, and center does not become lime green.

Consequently, the code is not accepted when I hit save and submit, despite the spacing and spelling etc being correct per the model.

89728e84c451bab7bca81328fbf04465?s=140&d=retro parrappadarappa over 4 years ago

I'm having the same problem; even when I copy and paste it, text-align comes up yellow and center is orange.

53c67358548c351afe002cd9_824669098 Lara Tabbara almost 4 years ago

me too