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about 4 years ago

Why won't the font size be 44px when I type it like so?

I am in CSS and whenever I type the link to the stylesheet, it connects, but an error reads that the font size is 36.636 something but its 44 px!!!

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make sure your zoom is on 100% using ctrl 0
otherwise, read this:

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about 4 years ago


52c95fe8282ae33ec5005c18_881090502 Saumya about 4 years ago

Yay! It worked...thanks!

52922212f10c60b96e0055e9_88466735 sabina123 almost 4 years ago

You were very helpful, thanks

593d545c83696644420003b7_64554016 stetim94 almost 4 years ago

no problem

84451ffc55f5cb5ee3cdd650d0e3dc8a?s=140&d=retro nelson3575ELITE about 3 years ago

Maybe I might do if it works on Xbox One.
Nelson, T_T