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about 4 years ago

What? I don't get it.

So I doget the HTML... but I do not get why it does not say im being correct. For instance, I do something, it does not work, and I go on the forums and another persons is exactly the same as mine, and theirs works alt text

Please help

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that's weird, can you give an example of your code? then i can look, maybe there is a small mistake, i recently helped some on the forum, the mistake: <p/> instead of </p>

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about 4 years ago


593d545c83696644420003b7_64554016 stetim94 about 4 years ago

did you add a image to your post? it doesn't load

5467937d9c4e9dec3000290d_64009784 Colby about 4 years ago

its probably just something i can fix up by restarting some stuff... hmm.. thanks for the tip though