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over 4 years ago

Certificate verify failed


I thought I did everything as asked and added the generated keys and secrets in place of the placeholders "YOUR CONSUMER_KEY" etc.

consumer_key =
access_token =

But whenever I run it, I get the response:

SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed

What might be wrong? Do I have to change something else within the script?

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I had to change VERIFYPEER to VERIFYNONE for it to work.

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Piaso B
over 4 years ago


Dd44282b013732242e8508c3c7e66c1f?s=140&d=retro lkilian over 4 years ago

Thanks. That works for me as well.

89194c675ab57ccb369235e85afab805?s=140&d=retro Janelle Hinds over 4 years ago

Did you get a 401 error?

512da13d22cc05c3b30073d2_893580913 Sanket Patel over 4 years ago

What is the purpose of VERIFYPEER, how does it work?
Why setting it to VERIFY
NONE made this work?

5e9b47c973ad74b94b1b445956d4cdc5?s=140&d=retro courseRockstar68051 over 4 years ago

I second that.

51b76346631fe907fc00d3bf_976929824 Angeliki-Iro Fragkou-Argyriou over 4 years ago

thanks :)

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Just wanted to bump this because changing VERIFYPEER to VERIFYNONE worked for me also. Would like to know what the difference is, and/or, at the very least why this works to get around the error posted by the OP.

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Matt Mazur
over 4 years ago

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Bumping this. Apparently an API change leaves this exercise still broken, but the fix posted above worked for me

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John Ireton
over 4 years ago

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I'm getting the same error. Twitter changed their API this week, but I'm not sure if that's what is causing this problem. Hopefully someone who knows can chime in.

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over 4 years ago