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Joe Punter
about 4 years ago

[resolved] Array numbers in relation to colors

I would like to know why the three numbers together make a certain colour as this would greatly benefit an understanding of the exercise!
I want to know why it works not just the code to make it work?


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Hi Joe, there are a couple of different way to describe colours. The program we are using in this project uses HSL. You can read more about that here.

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about 4 years ago


2c7e46f69e91cec17618a438d2369d65?s=140&d=retro Joe Punter about 4 years ago

Thanks a lot! I am only familiar with RGB so a big thumbs up for that :)

55df2afa95e3787b9200005e_359368177 Judy about 4 years ago

Hopefully you will be inspired to make something using some awesome colours!