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over 4 years ago

Position the sun and earth

Can someone send me the WHOLE code? I don't know where to put:
#earth {
/* Style your earth */
position: absolute;
top: 25%
left: 25%

in the code.

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wondering the same thing. can't figure out where it goes. it says to edit the style.css, but i don't know where exactly this should go in relation to the line that reads "

let me know if you think of something!

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8b470dee3ad3ce7532ada413b899f3d5?s=140&d=retro attacusatlas over 4 years ago

Ah, looks like someone answered this in the question "sun and earth problems":

It's a separate tab at the top; under the centered "Codeacademy", there are two tabs, index.html and style.css. The part we're having trouble with is already there under the style.css tab.

1200ddf49419abe7ad0f50472b33f504?s=140&d=retro nilrem129 over 4 years ago


A7c3899859ebf0a22c897c6583329fe4?s=140&d=retro leec11 over 4 years ago

click on the style.css tab and you will see where to go. took me about 10 tryes till i re read the instructions.

B18095475a600d482063f74fdc013700?s=140&d=retro Kubo Mshila over 4 years ago

if this helps at all, as you proceed you will have to work on both the "index" and "style.css" tabs back and forth. The above answers did help but it still took me a while to latch on to the fact that you needed to work on both.

557d865a9113cbcb15000338_308680961 Elijah Dale about 3 years ago

soooooooo hard

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Don't add semi colons to the style sheet. I did it many many times and it wouldn't work until I didn't use the semicolons. They were still on the index sheet... but not the style.

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