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Do single/double quotation marks matter?


I noticed that in lesson 2.1, in the instructions (step 2) it says:

Surround the Earth image with its
orbit by adding a tag.

Then later in the sample code it says to match index.html with:

The instructions have "double" quotation marks, whereas the second part asks you to match up with code that uses single quotation marks. Does it matter?

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It matters I think. I tried changing the single to double and triggers their object's position.
What I did is, I changed the double quotation marks to single on the Earth's image and the URL itself.
It looks like this:
<div id='earth-orbit'>
<img id='earth' src=''>

I'm not sure if it's just the position that changes whenever the apostrophe turns into double or single. Maybe someone could tell us more about this. :)

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Louis Jannero
over 4 years ago