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Exercise -- "Backup Values": Does capitalization matter here?

I noticed that in the css stylesheet, the default fonts of 'serif', 'sans-serif', and 'cursive' are all left lowercase. And 'Times', 'Verdana', and 'Vivaldi' are all capitalized. Why is this? Is it necessary to remember which fonts are capitalized and which are left lowercase? Also, does anyone else's h3 css leave Vivaldi and cursive white as opposed to orange like the css for h1 and h2? Hope that wasn't too confusing a question. Thanks!

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nah, browsers are smart these days, it is recommended to pay attention to the capitalized first letter but it will work without capitalized letter. (don't try to remember what font-family's are capitalized, there are more important to remember, you can always look up the font-familys)

Yes, h3 font-family stay white, not sure why, good question. Maybe not installed on you computer? (font-familys are client inside) so it doenst recognize and doesnt add color)

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Excellent answer here. Thanks, stetim94.

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no problem