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Submitted by Judy
6 years ago

Did we really learn anything?

Hopefully you did!

This project is aimed at new JavaScript coders. The goal is to give you a feel for the language and have you end up with something fun at the end, fun enough that you will be interested in learning more.

You have learned several basic principles of coding in this short project

You’ve learned that:

  • data can be a string, like your name, or a collection of items, like the color arrays.
  • you can give your data a name so that it will be easier for you to work with.
  • you can write code to find the length of a string, to do math and to compare two things
  • there are reusable blocks of code called functions that do what they are meant to whenever you call them
  • you can use if/else statements to change what happens in your program

That is quite a lot!

Using external resources is normal practice in professional coding

You may have noticed that your final result was doing a lot more than you probably expected.

There isn’t much sense re-inventing the wheel. The same goes for coding tasks. There are many libraries of JavaScript code that will make life easier for you. You will see a link to the popular jQuery library in your index.html tab.

Beauty of customization

You will have learned a little bit about customization too. Remember how easy it was to change the look of your bubbles just by picking different color and shape names? You can always make improvements to your base code. You can dig into scripts and change single values, like the size of the dots. Read more on that in the Customization section.

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