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Submitted by Maciej Wiercioch
6 years ago

Can I resize the animation?

If you want to use this animation in your own project then the predefined size (500px x 1000px) might be unsuitable.

To resize the animation (canvas element in fact) you have to change only one part of bubbles.js:

function updateCanvasDimensions() {
        // change height and width to desired value
        height: 500,
        width: 1000
    canvasWidth = canvas.width();
    canvasHeight = canvas.height();


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How do I put the bubbles.js file in my website? I am using TextWrangler.

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Submitted by Jackson
6 years ago

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where do you put this

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Submitted by Adam Paylor
6 years ago


Maciej Wiercioch 6 years ago

This is part of bubbles.js file ( To resize canvas you have to change values in lines 159 - 160 :)

Pranjal Jain 5 years ago

How to make it in %? I want to do it 100% width and 100% height