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about 4 years ago

"Create a link that is just a line of text"?!!

What does it mean when it says to "Create a link that is just a line of text"? I have done and understood everything else in this task.

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Hello, in exercise 10. You're going places!, you see the example:

<a href="">My Favorite Site!</a>

Do you understand?

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Gabriel La Rotta
about 4 years ago

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53bdb752282ae39c6e00095d_820898575 Jenna G. almost 4 years ago

My guess on what it means by create a link that is just a line of text is that you don't put the like for example: it would just be google. Hope it helps!

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Hello dear Jenna, the exercise ask you to add just a line of text, it means <a href="">My Favorite Site!</a>, where the text is My Favorite Site!, BUT you can also create an image link (instead of text), using the next format:<a href = "URL"><img src="location" /></a>

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Tobias Páez
over 3 years ago