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Mohil Khare
over 4 years ago

[resolved] Help Please!!! Bounce the bubbles

Just can't get it what this exercise wants me to do?
Hopefully I can receive a code for this soon.

Thanks in Advance.

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HI Mohil, please copy/paste your code so we can see where you are at, include your exercise number along with the exact error message you are seeing.

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over 4 years ago

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55df2afa95e3787b9200005e_359368177 Judy over 4 years ago

Hi Mohil, I see you have a working Animate Your Name codebit so it seems you have sorted your problem - good work! I have marked your question as [resolved].

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I think this is what he means AR:

Mohil, you just (I think if this is the instructions) have to change bounceName into bounceBubble.(maybe add an s to Bubble if wrong)

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over 3 years ago