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Rachel Ratcliffe
over 4 years ago

10/15 [resolved] Make sure you have defined all the variables!

I have tried a few different variations and nothing seems to work. This is what I think it should look like:

var red = [0, 100, 63];
var orange = [40, 100, 60];
var green = [75, 100, 40];
var blue = [196, 77, 55];
var purple = [280, 50, 60];

var myName = "Rachel";
var letterColors = [red, orange, green];

drawName(myName, letterColors);

I am loving the course but can't seem to advance.

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Hi Rachel, your code is perfect. Try copying your code, then using the reset button and/or reloading the page before you paste it back in again.

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F0a305f963e2e776eebc4a60434871b1?s=140&d=retro Rachel Ratcliffe about 4 years ago

Thanks! I was able to get through. I think it was just the system telling me to go to sleep :-)

55df2afa95e3787b9200005e_359368177 Judy about 4 years ago

I think that would be a great feature!