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Alex Beyer
about 4 years ago

Make your rules clear for lessons!!!!


  1. Change an item in the $languages array. You can take your pick!
  2. Then use echo to output $languages.

My Code:

    $languages = array("HTML/CSS",
    "JavaScript", "PHP", "Python", "Ruby");

   $languages[0] = "SQL";
   echo $languages[0];
   echo $languages[1];
   echo $languages[2];
   echo $languages[3];
   echo $languages[4];

I copied the rules for the lesson as they were, it says change an item, an=1 not all 5 so when I hit "submit", I get an error saying that "JavaScript" hasn't been changed. I then added 2 more changes at random position and still not enough. Is it one item or change all of them? If you're writing a lesson make your rules/requirements clear.

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I did $languages[2] = "PeeEightsPee;
ans it worked tbh :$ :o

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about 4 years ago

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544969e68c1ccced9d000ff6_703460878 malfy over 3 years ago

That's not what the issue is. Just changing 1 of the array elements is obvious. But step 2 in the instructions says "Then use echo to output $languages." When what it ACTUALLY want you to do is echo $languages[2]