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about 4 years ago

the font is not 44 but 43.6 something

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It could be something to do with the windows you are on, you can try refreshing the page or open it up in a different window(firefox, google chrome, internet explorer). You could also try and click Ctrl+0 and see if that will reset it?

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about 4 years ago


Bf8ad4df7539607ffb28a1bb79489d46?s=140&d=retro EriCastillo about 4 years ago

i did that last yime and it worked but now it isn't working for me

Picture Tyler Cruz about 4 years ago

I was using google chrome and the same thing happened to me. I re-opened the page in explorer and it worked.

543fc82f631fe988640020d7_382532424 Tobias Páez over 3 years ago

Hello HannahLin, you're code look like good. Can you please paste your css file??