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about 4 years ago

Have reviewed other questions re: 13/14, but still unable to figure it out

I've reviewed the prior lesson and examples, but still doing something incorrectly. I'm missing the order of exactly where/how to place the tags to make the second image function as a link. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. The HTML I attempted to enter is below:


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  1. Open your link or a tag and designate a href along with it

-- <a href="">

  1. Put an img tag and designate a src

    --<img src="">

  2. Close your a tag

    -- </a>

It should look something like this:
<a href = "" ><img src = ""></a>

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Hunter Voegele
about 4 years ago

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Hello. I cannot figure out why I cannot make an image into a link. I have the image, but the link is appearing as a blue/underlined text link outside of the image. In this case it appears as ="" next to the image.
<!DOCTYPE html>



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about 4 years ago