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about 4 years ago

Why is the cursive font in the example not showing up as cursive?

In the instructions/information box it explains that cursive is one of the default CSS fonts. For some reason the cursive font, described to look like cursive, does not look cursive. Please explain or fix!

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There is a possibility your system's default fonts have been changed. The default cursive font in Windows is (I believe) Comic Sans MS. Not sure what it is on an Apple box. You can restore the Windows default fonts in the Control Panel.

Change font settings

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about 4 years ago

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I tried Google chrome, it worked for me

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Birute Lauciute
almost 4 years ago


521584cc548c353d0b00143f_214438660 Arjun Tarafdar almost 4 years ago

i use google chrome but it shows Comic Sans MS instead of cursive

5958b8ebe12813a2a3000034_980106998 Roy almost 4 years ago

Comic Sans MS is in the cursive family. There is no actual font 'cursive'. It will be whatever your machine defaults to for that family.