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Ben Fornataro
almost 4 years ago

I'm A Little Confused With OOP :/

Hi, I've recently been learning PHP and have had no problem with it at all up until the OOP kicks in. I've read through it slowly but I can't understand all these technical terms.

I was wondering if anyone has any tips or resources I could visit to learn about OOP (specifically for PHP if possible) since all my Google searches haven't helped much, I just can't really grasp the concept. If anyone knows somewhere where I can go through it extremely slowly and in depth, that'd be brilliant!

Thanks for any help :)

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Submitted by
Gaurang Tandon
almost 4 years ago

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D211dc03d1527c910acffa6fb5f73db8?s=140&d=retro Mie Rex about 3 years ago

Thanks so much for the input. I am stuck at the OOP section as well though I think it's probably only because it's an unfamiliar concept which could be familiarize through intensive reading. Will read the article first thing tomorrow morning.

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Keep trying to uncderstand. It becomes clearer some time? It's just because of the new thing factor :)
I was stuck somewhere before the OOP. I hope it becomes clear the next time I review it again. OOP was very confusing to me when I tried learning Objective C. But now it all makes more sense to me though there are still some that are tricky :D

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about 3 years ago