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Submitted by
Marco Morales
almost 4 years ago

Able to print tweet, but still get error message that won't let me continue...

My code for the first part of the exercise looks like this:

query = URI.encode_www_form("id" => "266270116780576768")

and for the second part, like this:

# Print data about a Tweet
def print_tweet(tweet)
# ADD CODE TO PRINT THE TWEET IN "<screen name> - <text>" FORMAT
puts tweet["user"]["name"] + " - " + tweet["text"]

I am able to retrieve this tweet successfully it seems:

uɐᴉɹoʞᴉɹʞ ᴉɟɟɐɹ - want to work on large scale? "Of course, we still have plenty more to do." #JoinTheFlock

But I get this error message, that will not let me continue:

Oops, try again. You did not generate the correct output. Did you print the username, followed by ' - ', followed by the Tweet text?

I've tried all suggestions on the forum and none has worked for me, any ideas?

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The user name has changed and was 'Raffi Krikorian' just put that instead of username

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Submitted by
Martin Brtan
almost 4 years ago


575270416eb971727600040f_71316918 frank williams almost 4 years ago

Thanks!!! Big Time!!!

504b04a997ef1e000201c43b_215380009 mokus almost 4 years ago

thanks :)!!

3bf307a3aa6d9ac2722b7c6a1b5e2949?s=140&d=retro ILU2014 almost 4 years ago

Thanks a ton :)

5a4e93da854be9ecb90000c6_160245580 Nacho Vargas almost 4 years ago

That not works for me...

3bf307a3aa6d9ac2722b7c6a1b5e2949?s=140&d=retro ILU2014 almost 4 years ago

@Nacho Vargas : puts "Raffi Krikorian" + " - " + tweet["text"]

5a4e93da854be9ecb90000c6_160245580 Nacho Vargas almost 4 years ago

Thanks a lot @ILU2014 I'm pretty sure that hours ago I introduce that line and not worked. But OK now. ;)

3bf307a3aa6d9ac2722b7c6a1b5e2949?s=140&d=retro ILU2014 almost 4 years ago

You're welcome :) @Nacho Vargas

3a6ff6d18d458c6db786b7b057d37df8?s=140&d=retro gibsonman507 almost 4 years ago

That's really fucking annoying...

288930a7ebbe292b6a19bdc3956abec1?s=140&d=retro Adrian almost 4 years ago

I've used this: puts "Raffi Krikorian" + " - " + tweet["text"]
I got the output right, but I can't move to the next lesson.
please help.

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There was a problem with the code checking. This answer works...

require 'rubygems'
require 'oauth'
require 'json'

baseurl = ""
path = "/1.1/statuses/show.json"
query = URI.encodewwwform("id" => "266270116780576768")
address = URI("#{baseurl}#{path}?#{query}")
request = address.request_uri

def print_tweet(tweet)
puts "Raffi Krikorian" + " - " + tweet["text"]

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Submitted by
Paul Gerhartz
over 3 years ago

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D0e1ba5c22d1e29ea09fea5e3acc552e?s=140&d=retro notyoutool over 3 years ago

Ugh. Yes, it would be great if the author or a moderator from Codecademy would fix this though. No fun having to debug and then write a hack when doing a tutorial.

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Having the same issues... its freaking annoying, also tried
puts tweet["user"]["screen_name"] + " - " + tweet["text"] and that didnt work either, my code is exactly like yours and Im beginning to just think its bugged

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almost 4 years ago

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9528625434a09078082d990ef7ebaa11?s=140&d=retro peacegiverman almost 4 years ago

Same. I assume the username changed and it was hardcoded in the check or that Unicode (upside-down letters) is causing problems.

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I'm assuming that @raffi is the author kurrik. So I kindly asked him to 1) either change his name back, or 2) modify the tutorial to use screen_name (which he is less likely to change for fun).

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over 3 years ago