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Print and echo?

What is the different between echo and print? And when should i use echo and when should i use print?

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You can give multiple strings to echo:

echo "This", " string", " was", " made", " with multiple parameters.";

though print can take only one string:

print "This", " string", " was", " made", " with multiple parameters.";
// gives error

echo is marginally faster as compared to print.

print returns 1.

print (print "");
// gives `1` since the inner `print` returned 1 
// which the outer `print` printed

echo does not return anything.

I recommend using echo than print.

That's all to it :)

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Gaurang Tandon
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522a6f84548c354fe10003da_800546975 gh0zt about 4 years ago

Thanks for the answer I was wondering this too.

525d8bedabf82129b10018f2_245969237 Josh about 4 years ago

oh thank you!

557ede39d3292f7a0000006a_306960922 wolfie almost 4 years ago

What is print_r(); Can anyone please say? When we use it?

F6f4cd3ba4d981baf0edd3972fa27050?s=140&d=retro Dennis Castro Alonzo about 3 years ago


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echo() and print() are language constructs in PHP, both are used to output strings. The speed of both statements is almost the same.

echo() can take multiple expressions whereas print cannot take multiple expressions.

Print return true or false based on success or failure whereas echo doesn't return true or false.

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Rias Gremory
almost 4 years ago

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Basically, when you echo something, you can say lots of things to output. Such as if you were to shout into a cave and hear it ECHO.

Where as printing can only print one thing or expression. Much like a document you print. You can only PRINT the one document, before asking to print another. ;) HOPE THIS HELPED

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Picture Samuel Martin over 3 years ago

Do what, exactly?

528246b680ff3393e0003430_637958903 Nathaniel over 3 years ago

Find out the difference? I don't know. Maybe that kid has problems....

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Do not discourage anyone while they are learning!

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Then what are you doing in the forum page?

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