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about 4 years ago

What colours can be used?

Which colours are recognised by the program? For example the border of the sun is 'orange' and you can use 'cyan' for the earth. Is there another way to specify colours rather than using words, and which words can you use?

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Hi, these are the names you can use. And, the Sun, Earth, and Code course isn't a great beginner course. The HTML & CSS course is better if you want to learn HTML. If you want to use a specific color, use something like this and use the hex value it gives you.

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Zeke Y
about 4 years ago

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I know there are 25 different colours that codecademy understands. I saw in a excercise, I don't remember them but I remember one is salmon.

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5674c6dae39efec455000434_879409444 Zeke Y over 3 years ago

The link I provided above gives a list of all named colors that the browser understands, and it's not Codecademy understanding the color names, it's the browser.

5793e37558212240e90003fd_774329516 iiRosie1 over 3 years ago

Ok, but I was doing this excersice and it appeard saying"These are the 25 coulers that codecademy understands"