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Aaron Williamson
about 4 years ago

Access token explanation

I'm fuzzy on my understanding of the access token provided by Twitter.

Codecademy says that the access token "identifies a user of your app". What exactly does this mean? Is a "user" someone that just navigates to my app and clicks something that interacts with Twitter's API, or is it someone who logs into my app, or is the user just me? I only ask because there's only one access token generated, so I'm having trouble understanding how it identifies multiple users unless a new token is generated for a request coming from a different IP or something. Am I way off base?

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The access token generates requests on your behalf. This is only for you, it would be like giving someone your bank pin. Only you can access your bank pin, but if you give someone else the key, now they can.

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Submitted by
Justin Stear
about 4 years ago