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Juan Carlos Rodriguez
over 3 years ago

I need help again!

I am trying to change the font of h3! Here's the code thing again:


        <h3 style="color:white"><center>About Me</h2></center>
        <p style="color:white"><center>If you want to find out a little about me, then click "Learn More".</p></center>
        <a href="#"><center>Learn More</center></a></p>

Is there something I need to put in the style.css? I am in a code club,but they aren't really helping me!

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Hi Juan,

I'm a little bit confused, only because this is the Q&A Forum for the "Animate Your Name" project and you seem to be talking about the "About You" project, or maybe you are working on something from scratch?

If it were me, I would put your style rules in style.css instead of inline in your code as you have done there.

In style.css you would have something like:

h3 {
    color: white;
    text-align: center;

p (
    color: white;
    text-align: center;

instead of that code that you've shown there. Looks like you would want a rule for your a elements too.

There are lots of ways to select what you want to style, read more

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over 3 years ago

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Look at your first line:

<h3 style="color:white"><center>About Me</h2>

You write h3 style and in your closing tag you wrote h2 :-) Fix that

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Hrvoje Štimac
over 3 years ago