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Submitted by
Eric Atherton
almost 4 years ago

Quiz passes with any answers...

Is codecademy even trying here?
I was surprised to see that my answers passed given how little I actually learned from this course. Already feeling skeptical due to the previous exercises in this course, I changed my answers to the following:

 1. Instead of username and passwords OAuth uses ______ to authenticate.
answer1 = "anything"

 2. OAuth uses the _________ HTTP header to send OAuth credentials.
answer2 = "fart"

 3. Access levels in OAuth are called _______.
answer3 = "codecademy failure"

Lo and behold! It passed!

Something is wrong here codecademy...

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Your right!! This is weird

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Submitted by
Hunter Steele
over 3 years ago

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I agree, the error checking on that exercise isn't active.

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Submitted by
Rebecca Johnson
about 3 years ago

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Also when you write a command thing the output gives errors

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Submitted by
Alex Munoz
almost 3 years ago