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almost 4 years ago

4/9 [resolved] Add an h1 element after the closing </div> tag."

This is what my code looks like:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <Div class="nav">
  <Div class="container">
      <li>My name</li>
        <li>Sign up</li>
        <li>Log in</li>
    <h1>Find a place to stay</h1>
    <p>Rent from people in over 34,000 cities and 192 countries</p>

I have examined the opening and closing tags for typos and tried indenting the code? I've also tried reloading the exercise and keep getting the same error. Any help would be appreciated.

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The code checker isn't happy about those capital "D"s on your <Div .... I don't think the capital is actually wrong but I think it falls into the "best practices" category, you won't often see that occurring if you have a look at other people's code.

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almost 4 years ago


6bb77258a6b372664078d42083722af7?s=140&d=retro amoose almost 4 years ago

That worked!!! Thank you so much! Its so weird that the error message had nothing to do with the error. =)

55df2afa95e3787b9200005e_359368177 Judy almost 4 years ago

Great! It's a learning process, this code checking thing, people keep coming up with new, interesting, ways to break it :)