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Willem van den Akker
over 3 years ago

I want to put my animation at the bottom of the page, please help me!! :)

I've made my own website. and I'd like to put the name of it in this animated style ;) but when I put the coding on the website.. it shows up on the top, but i want it on the bottom.. get it? Please explain and send me the code how to do it :D thanks xx

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I believe that adding your <canvas> HTML tag at the bottom of your page, and then giving it CSS positioning like this should do what you want:

canvas {
    position: absolute;
    bottom: 0;

I would need to see your code to help any more, though.

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Submitted by
Zeke Y
over 3 years ago

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paste your code "Willem van den Akker"

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over 3 years ago

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543fc82f631fe988640020d7_382532424 Tobias Páez over 3 years ago

it's not clear you answer