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Marci Vallario
over 3 years ago

Changing the background image of the jumbotron

I designed my own image (1278px x 500px) and tried to put it in to the jumbotron div by changing the background image URL in CSS to the picture hosted on flickr (with the correct URL). Why won't it show up?

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I don't think Flickr allows you to link images from their site like this. If you take a look at the end of your Flickr link, you'll see that there's no file extension (eg. .png or .jpg). Try a different image hosting service such as Imgur - they'll give you a link that will work with HTML. If you don't believe this is the problem, post the Flickr link you're trying to use and I'll check it out.

The other problem might be that you've removed part of the code in the CSS. Check to see if it's similar to this:
.jumbotron {

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over 3 years ago