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Michael Jannacone
over 3 years ago

18/34 Brain is fried.

I just can't solve this at all. I have read over everything and tried everything. I just need the answer please.. and why. Thank You

This is what I keep getting : You must print the exact error message if both npr_id and search_string are empty.

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Hey Michael, can you give us a look at your if/else statement? On the surface, that error seems to be saying that you aren't printing exactly:

You must enter an NPR ID, a search term, or both.

when those two fields are empty. Sometimes the code checker can't figure out how to tell you what you've done wrong so seeing your code will help troubleshoot.

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over 3 years ago

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I don't have an answer but I have the same question as Michael does. I can't see what I am doing wrong and I get the same error message as he does:


npr_id = raw_input("Enter comma separated NPR IDs or leave blank. ")

search_stirng = raw_input("Enter your search string or leave blank. ")

feed_title = raw_input("What is your feed title? ")

if (npr_id == True) or (search_string == True): 
    print raw_input("Hit Enter to download your podcast.")
    print "You must enter an NPR ID, a search term, or both." 


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Submitted by
Michael Reinhard
almost 3 years ago