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What is meant by "large image" . Image is cut-off in full screen mode

Four Qs:

  1. What exactly is meant by "large image"? Is it a set # of pixels?
  2. I've tried numerous URLs of pics I like from Google images and they do now show up in the viewer. They all have very long URLs----3-4 lines or more. Why are they not showing in the URL?
  3. I do have some pics which do show in full in the partial view, but are cut off when viewed full screen. What can be done so the full pic is visible in both partial and full screen?
  4. I have yet to find a pic in Google images which has a URL similar in format to the URLs used in the codeacadmey demos---which all seem to have URL's starting with Where does one find these wonderfully working Google Image URLs?

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  1. Not necessarily a set number but a large number. For instance is 1278px by 500px.
  2. Do your URLs end in .jpg or .png or .gif? If not they might not be image files but just web pages. If you show me one I can have a look.
  3. Try a CSS rule like background-size: cover. You can read more about background properties here: and here:
  4. Those URLs have been processed with Google's URL Shortener, read more here: and here:

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