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Submitted by
Ivan Belash
over 3 years ago

Linux has no Verdana by default

It is not the question.
I can install Verdana font - no problem. But i have small advice to author of the course - Eric, please, allow to students use alternative fonts too. For example, not strict font-family: Verdana; as it is right now, but font-family: Verdana, Sans;.

UPD: I've found notice about fallback at the next step. Perhaps, notice need to be slightly earlier.

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I'll second this, it might be a good idea to use a more generic font, or else teach about fallback fonts earlier.

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Submitted by
Zeke Y
over 3 years ago


Df51afb5e2b1174c2117227f547dd88d?s=140&d=retro brett about 3 years ago

/css below/
h1 {

p {

5674c6dae39efec455000434_879409444 Zeke Y about 3 years ago

@Brett, if it was possible to downvote a comment, your's would be -1 right now. @Ivan Belash wasn't asking for help, he was pointing out a problem in the lesson.