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Adam Wilson
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Can Anyone Help ME?

Is there a Glitch in Build your own website? I can't get past 3/6. it says "Your webpage could use an header between the body tags to let everyone know that the page is about you." "Instructions
Create an tag inside your body tags. Between your opening and closing tags, type your name for all to see!" & heres what i've put but it keeps telling me its wrong, is there something i've missed? (I've added in spaces so you can see, the code on the actual code there are no spaces)

< html >
< head > < title >
< body >

< h1 > test test< /h1 >

< /body >

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well, if you put spaces everywhere (please read this post, saves both of us a lot of work. then the following things are missing:

closing title tag: </title>
closing head tag: </head> (before your opening body tag
closing html tag: </html>

the following thing is incorrect:
<!DOCTYPE> it should be <!DOCTYPE html>

you tell the computer you want a doc element, but you dont tell what file it should be. that is not correct.

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