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over 3 years ago

Poorly written instructions in step #6 in the 'Putting It All Together, Part I' section


I believe it would be better if your reinforce what's been taught before instead of just saying
'add some code...' in the
Step 6. In this __construct()or method, add some code, so $this->name contains $name.
It doesn't sound professionally written instructions .


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the PHP course walks you through the language pretty quickly. so, if basic programming isn't new, you get the specifics. use cases or deeper understanding... nope :(

albeit, "add some code" is meant in a very innocent way, i believe. it doesn't mean 'do whatever' but 'add the code that does...'. i actually appreciate the loose talk. but that is personal preferences.

anyway, i'm with you. eager learners are left somewhat unsatisfied.

can i improve your mood with some token i've come to like as well as Codecademy?
check this out ;)

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over 3 years ago


979959283057c57a3f6d3e87c633b2b4?s=140&d=retro jimhatesaccounts over 3 years ago

also, you might enjoy this one:

136e2c8cf77a5b9aec261252b90e464b?s=140&d=retro Danya over 3 years ago

thanks for your feedback and other resources. The loose talk is always great when it's a talk but it's written material it could be a different story.

979959283057c57a3f6d3e87c633b2b4?s=140&d=retro jimhatesaccounts over 3 years ago

then both alternative sources i could provide you with should gradually better match your preference in writing style :)