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4/17: Website not created

Hello everyone, I'm having a problem on the requests part of this tutorial. While calling this code:

from urllib2 import urlopen
website = urlopen('')
kittens =
print kittens[559:1000]

I'm getting this error message from the python interpreter:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "python", line 4, in
HTTPError: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden

While getting this message from Codecademy:

Oops, try again. Did you create a variable called website?

What am I doing wrong?

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As the Python Interpreter said, you have received a HTTP 403 Error, which means you are being stopped from establishing a connection to the url This is most probably a problem with your personal firewall settings or web filter.

Try using a proxy, VPN, or SSH tunnel if it still doesn't work.

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