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Enrico A. Garcia
over 3 years ago

why is this showing up?

This show up when I click on save and submit button:
Oops, try again. Did you remember to use strtolower() in your code?

Here is my code:

$myname = "Enrico";
// Get a partial string from within your own name
// and print it to the screen!
$partial = substr($myname, 0, 6);
print $partial;

// Make your name upper case and print it to the screen:
$uppercase = strtoupper($myname);
print $uppercase;

// Make your name lower case and print it to the screen:
$lowercase = strtolower($uppercase);
print $lowercase;

okay what did I do wrong?
thank you for your help

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I believe it's because you call $uppercase in your strtolower section. It should work if you use
$lowercase = strtolower($myname);

Ultimately it will give the same output, but when the page verifies your code, it might expect the $myname variable

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over 3 years ago