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Submitted by
Tiffany Craig
about 3 years ago

Oops, try again. Did you add 'position: absolute;' to your #earth-orbit style?

I've done this a million times including copying and pasting the code from the example and it still won't let me progress

Here's my code:
#earth-orbit {
position: absolute;
top: 50%;
left: 50%;

width: 500px;
height: 500px;
margin-top: -250px;
margin-left: -250px;

border-width: 2px;
border-style: dotted;
border-color: white;
border-radius: 50%;


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Hi Tiffany,

Which exercise are you on?

2835 points
Submitted by
Zeke Y
about 3 years ago

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you got it to work yet?

1078 points
Submitted by
John Smith
about 3 years ago