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Maciej Kedzierski
about 3 years ago

If the CSS is in the style tag for the heading, why is the body affected?

I thought I recognized this same thing before in other lessons but now only do I fully understand it. The CSS is in the style tag. The style tag is in the heading tag. However, the CSS effects the body tag, which is outside of the heading tag. Can someone explain this to me? The code looks like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
            p {
                color: purple;
        <p>Check it out! I'm purple!</p>

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We have 3 options when it comes to styling, inline style:

<p style="color: red;">some text</p>

internal stylesheet (what you have in your question)

and external stylesheet (which means you put the css in a different file and you link to it)

the body section is for everything which needs to be visible on the page (everything the needs to read would be a better way of putting it)
your head section is for everything not on the page. Long ago (not so long) people agreed on the body and head section of a web-page. and everything the user needed to see was in the body. all thing users didn't need to see (style being applied, meta-tags (title is a special case), view-port etc) should be in the head section. The style is in the header, but you do want the user to see how beautiful your page is, so you want to influence the bit in the body. plus, you did that, you use the css selector p to tell css: heey, i want you to change the color and font-family of the paragraph

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about 3 years ago

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5334fc819c4e9db930001a0d_32139218 Leon about 3 years ago

you use the css selector p to tell css: heey, i want you to change the color and font-family of ALL the p-tagged HTML Elements in this HTML-Document.