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Ahamed Hak
about 3 years ago

what is the problem in this

<!DOCTYPE html>

Oops, try again. Your DOCTYPE tag doesn't look quite right. Did you type it like this: <!DOCTYPE html> ?

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check here how to format your code. Your code is currently not visible. if you update your question please leave a comment so i get a notification.
If you put your code i a comment, i am going to ask you to redo it, and use proper format.

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about 3 years ago


248df2b0951b580fef3c28eb21c071d0?s=140&d=retro Ahamed Hak about 3 years ago

its ok....its some how working now

5ac0e923961bae76e60003bf_9638442 stetim94 about 3 years ago

that will also do