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about 3 years ago

How do you make your images the same height??

I fixed the problem making them all the same width but now I'm having trouble doing the same thing to the height. It appears as if my bottom two images are overlapping the top ones. How can i make all of the pictures the same size?

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Hi Little_Wing,

Are you talking about the images that come with this project or your own images?

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about 3 years ago


Bf6fbf105da3072fe27b1465288127da?s=140&d=retro Little_Wing almost 3 years ago

I am using images from Google for the "make it your own" section of the project

55df2afa95e3787b9200005e_359368177 Judy almost 3 years ago

If you check on the images in the project you will see that they are all physically the same size - that is why they fit perfectly. If you want yours to be perfect you will either have to be lucky enough to find images in the exact size you need or you will have to download, edit/crop/resize and then upload your images. If you are ready for all that I can give you more details.