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General Problem when browser's zoom is not set to 100%

Hello, When the browser’s zoom property is not set to 100% there appears to be a problem when submitting the code that has to do with size (such as the value 10px). The guide instructs us to press Ctr+0. pressing ctr+0 when using Chrome browser, sets the browser back to the defult zoom. If the defult zoom of the browser is not set to 100% (as was in my case) this will not solve the problem. Setting the browser to 100% did solve the problem.

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To change the default zoom level of the Google Chrome web browser follow the below procedure: Open Google Chrome. Click Customize and Control Google Chrome >>Settings

Click on “Show advanced settings” and scroll to the “Web Content” section.

Use the menu next to “Page Zoom” to make your selection

Here u can set the default size for ctrl+0 that you should set it on 100% alt text

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