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sara hilal
about 3 years ago

9/26 hi guys can u help?

h3 {

span {

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You are forgetting point-2 of the Instructions...

  1. Make all the h3 headings red.
  2. Set all the paragraphs to the Courier font-family. (Make sure to capitalize "Courier" as shown!)
  3. The second paragraph contains text between tags. Set the background-color of that to 'yellow'.

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19c978e06a94c2f23fd9f870a1035a0b?s=140&d=retro TylerSmithss about 3 years ago

While it is true that point-2 is not correct, the system still does not let you submit the code. I think there is something wrong with the system itself.

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i need help with css: An Overview

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<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>First font size change</title>
       <p style = "font-size:8px"> Some text for you to make tiny! </p>
       <p style = "font-size:10px ; background-color: blue"> Some text for you to make normal size!</p>
       <p style = "font-size:18px> Some text for you to make super big!</p>

You see the HTML-page,
with a HEADER characterised by the HEAD-Tags <header></head>
with a BODY characterised by the BODY-Tags <body></body>

within the BODY you have 3 PARAGRAPH-Tags <p></p>

Within the opening-Tag of a HTML-Element like the p-Tag
you can insert so-called attributes.

One of those attributes is the style-attribute
with which you can manipulate the display-style of a HTML-Element.

Now we run into the usage of the word property
Each property consists of a property-key and it's associated VALUE
If you have more then one property you use the semi-colon-; as separator

The syntax of writing a property is
the property-key a colon and it's associated VALUE
thus the font-size-property would look like:
font-size: 12px

As the font-size is a property
of the style-attribute we would write
style = "font-size: 12px"
or ( with multiple properties )
style = "font-size:12px ; background-color: blue"
we are using the semi-colon-; as a so-called separator

We now integrate this into the starting <p>-Tag
<p style = "font-size:12px ; background-color: blue" ></p>
The -background-color of this p-Tag will be blue
and the characters of the TEXT
which we write in-between the p-Tags
will have a font-size of 12 pixels.

Some reference-material:

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t should look like this:


<!DOCTYPE html>

<!--Add your link tag here!-->


Change me to Verdana.
Change me to Courier.
Make me purple!


/* CSS comment*/
h1 {
font-family: Verdana;
h3 {
font-family: Courier;
p {
color: purple;

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5334fc819c4e9db930001a0d_32139218 Leon almost 3 years ago

Please update your post into a correct format....

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Every HTML-Element has so called attributes.
One of the possible attributes, is the class-attribute.

If you write the HTML-document, you add the class-attribute
within the Element-Tag by using the syntax
class-keyword = then a string
containing the class-name
OR mutliple class-names which are =separated=from=eachother= by a space

Thus with
<div class="myClass1 myClass2 myClass3" ></div>
you now have a DIV-Element carrying 3 classes myClass1, myClass2 and myClass3

As part of its CSS-category-of-Methods jQuery gives you the ability
to manipulate this class-attribute
by providing the addClass()-, removeClass()-, toggleClass()-Methods.
You will have to provide the Method at least 1 argument
which is the string VALUE of the class-name.
Thus you have to change


The confusion when to use a pre-pending dot or NOT...
In the Cascading Style Sheet syntax,
you have to prepend-a-dot to to the classname
so the CSS will interpret it as a class-attribute
So in the file style.css you will find an object
identified by .current,
In this .current object
the background property-key is set to a particular VALUE

jQuery uses the same syntax to identify a class-attribute
like in the jQuery-selector
$(".current") by which this HTML-Element and all it's CHILDREN
are selected into a jQuery-object,

This parent-HTML-Element carries the class-attribute with class-name "current"


google search

what is CSS explained

Some reference-material:

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831e67d0661d122e2a683c45394f6c65?s=140&d=retro STERMIC000 about 3 years ago

thank you Leon and i would help u but i don't no how to do this very good SORRY